Going to the gym can be a taxing thing on your body. From the free weights to the bench press, you have enough to worry about without blisters, calluses, sweat, and other issues taking you away from your workout. Fortunately, with workout gloves, you won’t have to worry about a thing. got you covered…

Cut down on blisters and calluses – With weight lifting gloves, the negative effects of your workout – hard calluses and blisters that can effectively cut short a workout – will no longer be an issue. neoprene material within the gym grips will not only prevent the aforementioned calluses and blisters, but stop odor, heat, and sweat associated with other gloves. As Marci Thompson puts it: “I was the first to receive them (weight lifting gloves) here in Iraq Air Force base and I can tell you they were a hit. After 105 pull-ups, and no blisters, my other gym mates were hooked. I would expect orders from them soon.” Marci had it right: To cut down on workout related injury and general soreness, lifting grips – in both men’s and women’s sizes – are the key.

Grit Gloves Better grip – Have you ever been working out – actually, in mid workout – hands sweaty, never able to get a tight and proper grip on the bar? Fortunately, with neoprene material, sweaty hands are a thing of the past. Neoprene keeps the hands dry as the glove provides a tight, non-slip grip on the free weights and bars. Thus, with a firm grip, the workout and the muscle groups are your main focus – Not whether you are tearing up your hands or if the weight will slip, causing injury.

Reduce the pressure on your wrists – Pain in the wrists can be an unfortunate side effect of a workout, no matter the intensity level – It’s just the nature of the beast. lifting gloves, with the padded section resting on the interior of your palm, will cut down and effectively lessen the strain on your hands – which will, in turn, lessen the pressure on your wrists – providing relief to both novices and gym rats alike. In the end, the weight lifting gloves is a necessity – not just for bodybuilders and workout kings – but for people looking to maximize their workouts without wear and tear slowing them down.

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