Americans have always viewed death very much in the abstract. Death is the dreaded end of life, the point at which one ceases to be a living being and therefore disconnected from others. We do not address it until absolutely necessary and then usually with highly somber overtones.

Many other cultures view death as a part of life, and the spirit of the deceased remains part of the physical world, or at least, they often return to comfort loved ones. The famous “Day of the Dead” celebrated by Mexicans at the beginning of November demonstrates the healthy practice of integrating death into daily life. Elaborate costumes, parades and festivals allow intimate emotional interaction with the living and the dead. Public displays of grief are not only allowed, but are encouraged. Although Americans may be many years, if not generations, away from this open celebration of the life, death, rebirth continuum, there are great strides being made to be more celebratory of the dead at their memorial services. One of the best ways is being this transition to a life celebration is through a DVD video tribute.

Video tributes are a relatively new and an increasingly popular way to honor the departed in a personalized and joyful manner. As a funeral home professional, you have most likely heard about how they can set the entire tone of the service, if you haven’t experienced it for yourself. A video tribute can transform the awkward, melancholy atmosphere of a traditional funeral to a lively, comfortable remembrance service where memories are shared with both tears and laughter. Easily created with photographs, video clips and even favorite quotes or jokes of the deceased’s, a video tribute is something you can make in-house with funeral software designed specifically for the funeral industry using equipment that you already have in your own office. pemakaman muslim

Picture mourners gathering at the register book, interacting in the usual hushed tones and clumsy attempts at conversation you see at many services. Suddenly their attention is diverted to a monitor where the tribute video of their beloved one begins to play. The effect on the crowd is visible. Eyes light up as they travel through their loved one’s life journey now coming to life onscreen – reliving milestones, being reminded of their youthful exuberance and special moments in time. No longer is the service devoted strictly to sorrow. Visitors start opening up, sharing stories and truly celebrating the life they are there to honor.

DVD video tributes offer truly moving experiences for your client families. Provide a service that will help them embrace death as a part of life.


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